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About Us


Make India a Global Leader in Innovation

We are driven by no other purpose other than making India a global leader in innovation. As of 2021, India is ranked 46th in the world, much below its potential. While the government makes structural changes to improve the innovation ecosystem, significant support is required for our industries to build an innovation management system. We bring a global network of innovation consultants to help realize this dream of ours and participate in nation building.

Our Story

After spending 15 years in management consulting with some extraordinary organizations such as Valcon, a Danish consulting company that prioritizes leaving footprints, ECS Limited, a great values-driven Indian consulting company that taught me the ropes of management consulting and Mckinsey, I needed a new purpose in life. 

Innovation consulting provided me that purpose when I met Magnus Penker at Innovation360 Group. I decided to focus on bringing the best innovation practices from the world to India. We decided to do this in an unusual way, by building a network of experienced consultants, rather than building a pyramidal organization.  

The covid pandemic helped us develop the digital tools to deliver cutting-edge innovation consulting remotely. Today we are able to bring global professionals and deliver world-class consulting in the area of innovation-led sustainability and growth programs. Using technology-based solutions we are able to find answers to customers' challenges in the area of innovation that only the blue-chip consulting firms could provide, with a very lean team.

Wherever you are located, we will help you find solutions to your challenge through our network.

Meet The Team

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Krishnan Naganathan

Founder & Consultant

IMBB Innovation Management Black Belt™️

Krishnan has nearly 30 years of industry experience (19 in management consulting). He advises clients across sectors on innovation, growth strategy and operations.


His consulting experience includes delivery leadership at ECS Limited, CEO & Partner at Valcon, and Sr. Leader at McKinsey. He has worked in Leyland, Ford and Castrol/BP

As a highly skilled innovation, strategy and operations professional, Krishnan creates value for his clients by designing, handholding implementation and leading change management in transformation programs


  • Developing growth and business strategy based on innovation

  • Design and deliver operations excellence programs focused on quality, delivery performance and cost

  • Establishing a robust break-through thinking environment and process

  • Aligning the organisation to customer-centricity, while maintaining efficiency

  • Help organizations with operational and technical due diligence as part of the merger and acquisition process

+91 97910 33967

Anirban Ganguly
Member of Network

Anir has 20 plus years of diverse operational and leadership experience, working across digital-savvy, data-driven industries, and has a strong background in crafting strategies for new ventures, marketing, sales, digital, CX, mobility and brand management. 


Founder of Koios Consult, based in Malaysia, is a boutique innovation strategy, business design and brand consulting firm that operates at the cusp of innovation, technology and customer. 


Eoin Flavin
Member of Network

Eoin is a 30 year veteran of leading, advising and advocating innovation and change at team, organisation, sectoral and international levels.

Platform creator, business & team builder. Subject matter expert on Innovation Management, ISO Standards and Management Systems.


Co-founder and innovation practice lead for Stepstone Consulting, advising government, public & private organisations and SMEs. Europe based and focused. 

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We are part of EGS Network

We are a team of highly experienced consultants and business leaders who have worked together in or with one or more of these organizations: Eicher Consultancy Services, Grow Talent Company Limited or the School of Inspired Leadership. 

We are a consultant network which serves clients in the areas of Strategy, Operations and Human Capital. 

We enable our clients to grow their organizations sustainably. and we call ourselves EGS - Enabling Growth Sustainably. 

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