Tactical Innovation Projects

Before you put in place an Innovation Management System, something that requires organisation wide efforts, consider running a pilot project to demonstrate that innovation works. We help organizations with specific initiatives that serve as proof of concept.

Innovate your existing offering

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Innovation is more than new product or a shiny gadget. Beyond innovating it's core offering, an organization can innovate how the customers experience their offering or the way the offering is delivered to its customers. Keely, in his book 10 types of innovation, states that innovative organizations use as many as 5 different types of innovation or more.

In this workshop, participants learn the various ways an organization can innovate. Participants learn to map the innovation potential of their offering and develop an innovative solution by adding innovation elements to their own existing offerings. 

These projects combine workshops with facilitated sessions and can be completed in 8 to 12 weeks. Participants are provided structured work to be completed between different modules. They are guided by the faculty in identifying and mapping innovation opportunities and executing it

The output from the workshop includes tangible innovation projects with well-developed proof of concepts.

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Develop game changing innovation concepts

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This signature workshop and consulting program combines the best innovation tools. In this workshop we use approaches developed by Ulwick (Jobs to be done), Marc Gruber and Sharon Tal (Where to Play), Keeley (10 Types of Innovation) and the methods of Innovation360 Group.

Innovations happen when two elements happen together; discovery of a problem to solve and solving the problem.  You need to discover a customer’s problem that needs solution, a need for which the customer is willing to pay. The second requirement is that you can find a unique solution for solving the problem.

These two may happen in any order, pull innovation in which the problem is found first, and solution is found later. Push innovation in which solution is found first and you find problems to solve later.

In this program we will help you apply proven innovation methodologies to 

  1. Discover customer needs that are valued by users

  2. Uncover innovation opportunities to pursue

  3. Develop hypothesis and validate the opportunities

  4. Develop an execution plan for executing innovation

This program is delivered as an 8 to 10 week program. At the end of the engagement period, participants deliver well-articulated innovation concepts that the organization can deliver, with a high level roadmap 

Write to krishnan@thinkhorizonconsulting.com for organizing an in-house workshop click to leave your email id