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Deliver innovation

What does it take to deliver innovation?

Delivering innovation projects is unlike regular improvement initiatives. 

Innovation projects require exploration and acquiring new knowledge. As such they require new tools. 

What’s more, it will help build capabilities to innovate in your organization.

Ideation sprints

Ideation sprints go beyond creativity sessions.  It engages a large group of stakeholders, employees, suppliers and customers to gather insights on how to solve the critical challenge for which ideation is initiated. 

Ideation sprints using the Ideation360® platform use an AI-powered crowdsourcing solution to engage and collect ideas, cluster them and use a hypothesis-based approach to identify solution concepts. 

The sprint programs are delivered within 12 weeks

Innovation Projects

Innovation projects don’t have to be long-term exercises. With our sprint-based approach to delivering innovation, we deliver incremental innovations within 12 weeks. 

The approach builds on proven innovation tool kits such as outcome-driven innovation (developed by Tony Ulwick), Lean Startup (developed by Steve Blank), and Where to play (developed by Sharon Tal & Marc Gruber).

One of the fastest ways to innovate is by adding innovation elements to your existing offer. 

We help you do this using the 10 types of innovation framework. 

Innovation Sprints

Empower your employees to innovate by providing them with a platform, skills, processes and the right tools

The sprint is delivered in 9 Modules

This is based on our 9 Stages of Innovation methodology, which is also taught in a leading B School

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