Every organization might not be investing in creating an innovative organization. However, there are few that would not want to launch an innovative solution.  We observe that most organizations would like to create pull for innovation management by first creating success in innovation efforts by delivering projects using a systematic process. This helps create credibility around the innovation efforts and create internal champions for the investment and efforts required.

Here we present you a number of tools that will deliver results in a short period of time.


A 6-week rapid ideation online campaign is tailored for businesses to find feasible solutions to any problem. We will be using our AI-powered ideation platform, custom webpage, designed to spur engagement with your ecosystem of employees, customers, and suppliers, and the most sophisticated methods in the world for turning minuscule ideas into big viable innovations

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This program is delivered using the Ideation360® platform and using the methodology developed by Innovation 360 Group

HOW - We will work with your organization to

  • Appoint a C - Level Sponsor

  • Identify one real problem you want to solve

  • Identify business unit/teams and enroll a diverse group of people to engage

  • Set up a communication plan to drive online engagement for ideation

  • Set up a landing page for the ideation campaign - done using Ideation360 platform

  • Launch an online campaign to generate ideas

  • Provide feedback to participants and engage them

  • Cluster ideas and generate hypothesis for all clusters

  • Test hypothesis and shortlist ideas based on data

  • Select promising concepts based on data and expert inputs


Over a 6 week period, the rapid ideation event will result in a bunch of validated concepts that meet the innovation goals



Can you move away from a product/service bias and create an innovative offering?


Most organizations can create an innovative solution around their existing offer if they chose to look carefully. After all most of the startups have done just that! In this 8 week sprint, we help you identify opportunities for innovation around your existing offer and execute them.

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Innovation is more than a new product or a shiny gadget. Beyond innovating it's core offering, an organization can innovate how the customers experience their offering or the way the offering is delivered to its customers. 

HOW - We will work with your organization to

  • Identify project teams and train them on innovation methodologies

  • Identify the customer jobs to be done and the value fitment of the existing offer

  • Identify and validate innovation opportunities using the 10 types of innovation model

  • Develop the concepts and test them

  • Develop a roadmap for execution

These projects are a combination of 2/3 workshops every week with facilitated sessions and can be completed in 8 weeks. 

RESULTS: The output from the workshop includes tangible innovation projects with well-developed proof of concepts.

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Do your employees feel empowered to execute their innovation ideas? Do they have the tools to develop their innovation ideas?


In most organizations we see two types of dissatisfaction; employees feel that they don't have enough opportunities to innovate and management feel that there is a lack of meaningful innovation ideas. Successful innovators have solved this challenge by providing a structured process and methodologies for employees to use.

Pioneered at Adobe, the KickBox is an 8-week sprint that helps employees develop their ideas into minimum viable concepts and prepare a formal pitch for the management to approve and invest.

We have developed our own variant of this program, where we guide a cohort through 8 weeks in developing an MVP and pitch deck.

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Innovations happen when two elements happen together; discovery of a problem to solve and solving the problem.  You need to discover a customer’s problem that needs a solution, a need for which the customer is willing to pay. The second requirement is that you can find a unique solution for solving the problem.

These two may happen in any order, pull innovation in which the problem is found first, and solution is found later. Push innovation in which solution is found first and you find problems to solve later.

In this program we will help you apply proven innovation methodologies to 

  1. Discover customer needs that are valued by users

  2. Uncover innovation opportunities to pursue

  3. Develop hypothesis and validate the opportunities

  4. Develop an MVP and prepare a pitch deck for internal investment decision

This program is delivered as an 8 week program in which up to 6 teams are engaged. At the end of the engagement period, participants deliver well-articulated innovation concepts that the organization can deliver, with a high-level roadmap.