This is based on the methods and tools of Innovation360 Group. This is being used under license from Innovation360 Group as a licensed practitioner and IMBB Innovation Management Black Belt™️

Organizations can improve innovation capability significantly if they can adopt one practice from their quality and operations excellence journey; engage employees in innovation.


Engaging employees in innovation requires a systematic process of capability building that includes developing an innovation management system as well as developing employee capabilities to carry out innovation.

We observe that organizations can create a big innovation impact by systematically designing an innovation management system. We have identified 12 elements to make this happen


  1. Create clear linkage of innovation goals to business strategy 

  2. Identify strategic direction for innovation

  3. Create an owner from the leadership team and make him the innovation evangelist

  4. Create an effective innovation governance structure with clear goals

  5. Create a transparent process for generation of ideas and selection of attractive concepts

  6. Create a process for incubating selected concepts to become new business

  7. Create a transparent and open platform for capturing ideas, knowledge and insights

  8. Create an innovation playbook of tools and methods for employees to use and train them

  9. Provide coaching and facilitation support for innovation project teams

  10. Allow people to take time for engaging in innovation efforts. Provide a budget for such activities

  11. Reward innovators and innovation efforts

  12. Run campaigns regularly to promote innovation efforts

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We help develop the innovation capabilities using a fact-based approach, aligned with the ambition of the organization

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Innovation Assessment

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Every organization today has some innovation effort going; some innovation projects, ideation programs and even some sort of innovation labs. Unfortunately, it is not sufficient to innovate once, organisations need to build capabilities to innovate over and over again. Our innovation assessment service assists the organisation in understanding their innovation capabilities.


The innovation assessment is done using the Innovation360 framework, based on Magnus Penker’s work. We examine 3 key elements of an organisations innovation capabilities; Why, What and How of innovation

Source: Innovation360 Group


Strategic need:


Do we innovate for profit or market share or both?


Do we innovate incrementally or radically?


Innovation strategy:


Do we depend on market trends

Do we focus on understanding and fulfilling customer needs

Is the innovation driven by superior technological understanding?


Traditional focus of innovation has always been product. However, innovation can be of many types and organisations need to carefully select the type of innovation.

How can you innovate the way you make money (business model, networks)?


How can you innovate your core and enabling processes?


How can you innovate the offerings (product performance, product systems and services)?


How can you innovate your delivery of product and services?


Innovation is not an art, it’s a science and can be approached in a systematic fashion. We examine how the organisation approaches innovation. 

What style of leadership suits your innovation strategy?


What innovation capabilities and tools does your organisation need and have?


How is the innovation process managed?

We use the InnoSurvey®, an analytical platform developed by Innovation360 Group, Sweden, to carry out innovation assessment. The tool provides a systematic assessment of the organization's capabilities and provides a roadmap for developing sustainable capabilities.


The InnoSurvey® uses the world’s largest database on innovation; 1000 companies in 62 countries, and provides insights into how the best companies in the world approach the challenge of staying relevant in 3 horizons; short term of 1 to 2 years, medium-term of 3 to 5 years and long term of greater than 5 years.


The assessment is based on a research-based 92 question survey, that takes feedback from management, employees and external stakeholders (board, suppliers & customers) regarding the organization's ability to innovate new solutions, products, processes, business model, etc. Alignments between strategy, leadership, culture, capabilities, and competencies are explored and highlighted

The assessment also provides an innovation footprint based on 66 capabilities giving a clear view of your strengths and weaknesses as well as providing global benchmarks.


In addition, the analytics capabilities of the platform help answer important questions;

Does the organization have an innovation strategy aligned with a strategic focus in different horizons?

Is the leadership style aligned to enable the strategy?

How are capabilities aligned with focus areas in different horizons? 

If you would like to take an innovation assessment click here


Build Capability to Experiment and Generate Ideas

Utilize a Non-Linear Approach to Ideation


Ideation and creativity have been at the forefront of innovation. However, for this to result in innovation organizations need a robust process for ideation management.

Six Key Steps in Making Ideation Programs Work

1. Connect ideation to Strategy

2. Create well-articulated ideation campaigns

3. Lower barrier to submit ideas - use technology

4. Create transparency and feedback around ideation

5. Connect ideas and create clusters

6. Evaluate all ideas through a hypothesis based approach

Source: Innovation360 Group

Ideation360 platform developed by Innovation360 Group allows us to do all of these and deliver a robust ideation program

A Seemless Experience

Innovation 360’s SaaS ideation management platform runs on AI-powered software that allows you to collect, cluster and link ideas to strategic initiatives via mobile, desktop and tablet

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  • Fully SaaS based web platform

  • No implementation cost

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  • Delightful user experience

Security first

  • Highest IT security

  • Encrypted storage in trusted data centres

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Scale up

  • Unlimited number of users

  • No geographical limitations

  • Multiple languages

  • System integrations if required


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