Innovation Tools and Techniques

We offer in-house and public workshops, both physical and through webinars (yes we are innovating consulting delivery as well) on well-established innovation tools and techniques

Innovation Masterclass

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Innovation masterclass is a format designed as a session for few hours or a full day for participants, usually from the management team, to develop an understanding of the latest thinking in innovation and their own organization's innovation capabilities.

All participants answer questions via link prior to the meeting to assess their organization’s innovation profile. The results are measured against our InnoSurvey®, the world’s largest innovation database, built with data from over 5000+ companies in 105 countries. The InnoSurvey® generates a 40-page personalized report, provided to each participant (if done in-house, it generates an organization report) with innovation profile, analysis, and recommendations based on our state-of-the-art AI platform, Sherlock.


Innovation masterclass kicks off with a brief inspirational lecture that uses figures, artifacts, and interactive media. We facilitate a focused discussion of the InnoSurvey® results. Innovation-related group similarities and significant differences are explored with reflective humor and insight into the implications.


Just before wrapping up, we guide participants through their own personalized set of innovation recommendations. Each individual can choose from the actions that they want to do differently, starting immediately.

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Different ways of Innovation

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Innovation is more than new product or a shiny gadget. Beyond innovating it's core offering, an organization can innovate how the customers experience their offering or the way the offering is delivered to its customers. Keely, in his book 10 types of innovation, states that innovative organizations use as many as 5 different types of innovation or more.

In this workshop, participants learn the various ways an organization can innovate. Participants learn to map the innovation potential of their offering and develop a roadmap for how they can add innovation elements to their own offerings. 

The workshop is offered in multiple modules and can be completed in 4 to 6 weeks. Participants are provided structured work to be completed between each of the modules. They are guided by the faculty in identifying and mapping innovation opportunities.

The output from the workshop includes tangible innovation proposals with well-developed proof of concepts.

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Develop game changing innovation concepts


This signature workshop and consulting program combines the best innovation tools. In this workshop we use approaches developed by Ulwick (Jobs to be done), Marc Gruber and Sharon Tal (Where to Play), Keeley (10 Types of Innovation) and the methods of Innovation360 Group.

This workshop is delivered either through webinar or in person over a period of 4 to 8 weeks in multiple modules. The participants are supported by the facilitator during the non-workshop period in completing tasks that are assigned as part of the project.

This workshop requires senior management sponsorship and identified strategic initiatives. Participants clearly identify jobs to be done and desired outcome of target customers, identify market opportunities, where to play and the type of innovation that need to be executed.

At the end of the engagement period, participants deliver well-articulated innovation concepts that the organization can deliver, with a high level roadmap 

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