One of the key challenges for organisations is striking a balance between customer focus and need for operational efficiency. We see organisations struggle to meet the customer demand ("Customer is god") all the while ensuring internal efficiencies. It's very easy for any organisation to either be very customer focussed or very efficient. Truly world class organisations find ways to effectively align the customer requirements in terms of quality and delivery requirements with a flexibile operations that is also efficient.

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We focus on 3 different aspects for achieving customer centric lean. Each of the initiatives are implemented through a coaching approach to ensure the organisations lean capabilities are enhanced as well as ensuring mindset and behavioural changes.

Change management is a key element of our approach. We integrate the overall transformation journey into a comprehensive change management framework.

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Value stream governance focuses on the following element

•Planning and scheduling of value stream

•Visible value stream metrics with Quality first approach

•Performance transparency

•Daily meeting cadence

•Participants from different functions

•Lead by a dedicated value stream owner

•Supported by shop floor coaching


"No Problem; A Big Problem"

If you solve problems immediately on occurrence, all it takes is 5 why's.

If you solve the problem at the end of the week, you require fish bone diagram.

At the end of the month you need a cross functional team.

At the end of the year you need the help of a consultant.

Most organisations and managers simply don't recognise problems in their business. Many gurus have repeatedly said that the most important role of a manager and leader is solving problems. Indeed the biggest role of a manager and leader is to ensure his team and organisation are identifying and solving problems.

We believe that organisations must create transparency that allows people to recognise problems, promote challenge that ensures an environment of continuous improvement and create an environment of respect through a process of coaching.

The focus of problem solving must never be the tools, but timeliness and accuracy. Organisations need to make sure there is a focus on solving problems immediately, including stopping production and leaders have a major role in making this happen.


Operations excellence thinking starts with leadership and the way they conduct themselves; tools and methods are secondary.  Opex thinking is about developing the leaders and managers in how to engage and lead, thus enabling them to maximise the performance and contribution of all employees, resulting in maximum impact on the real business. It is about improving performance at work by turning things people do into learning situations. It is about leaders and managers transferring knowledge, skills and experience to their teams.

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Coaching is the only foolproof way to build a thinking way. It should focus on

  • Performance management

  • Standardised work

  • Waste elimination

  • Daily meeting cadence

  • Daily coaching

  • OPEX Courses

  • Pro-active thinking

  • Real time focus

  • Team work

  • Continuous Improvement

We recommend 1:1 operations coaching for functional leaders and managers to bring in Opex thinking in the organisation.

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