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Innovative organizations focus on both present and future

They are constantly looking for answers to the questions

How will we improve what we already have?

How will we grow and improve the new?

How will we create value in the future?

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8 reasons why large organizations fail to innovate

Innovation strategy misses clear goals, direction and the organization lacks faith in them

We bring global best practices to overcome these challenges and build innovation capabilities as well as deliver innovations

We work using the best practices and tools developed by Innovation360 Group

Our methods are based on research and published work 

Innovation 360 has the largest database of innovation practices. 
Over 5000 companies in 105 countries in the world have been assessed using the InnoSurvey®.


We bring a network of highly experienced global innovation professionals to help organizations.

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Mobilize to innovate

We help develop short and long-term goals as well as the strategic approach to achieving them, aligned to your business vision.

The result of such an exercise is a 3 Horizon growth strategy and roadmap for achieving the strategy 

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Build Capabilities

We help build Leadership and People skills, Capabilities, Process, Structure and Culture, that deliver innovation sustainably

This is done by developing an innovation management system and an innovation engine appropriate for the company's strategy

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Deliver innovation

We help deliver innovation that are driven by customer needs and technology capabilities.

We adopt a project approach and use tools that are appropriate for the projects. 

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