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Things that matter for Innovation

You can't live without it

On this topic Krishnan talks about how organizations, big & small, should go about building innovation capability. He talks about the importance of a Horizon approach to innovation

An interactive format to explore innovation

InnoCircle is a half a day event focussed on educating a larger number of participants on the subject of innovation. This event format is ideal for industry bodies or CxO forums and Leadership Teams of organizations. Participants get an individual 40 page assessment report on innovation

Leadership Styles & Personas

On this topic Krishnan talks about how leadership style affects an organization's capability to innovate. He explores the various people  personas that are necessary for successful innovation

Ways in which you can innovate

On this topic Krishnan explores the concept of 360 degree approach to innovation and the various ways in which you can innovate. He talks about the 16 aspects and the various capabilities required for innovation

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