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Note: This slide is inspired by my good friend Chander Nagpal, who came up with this depiction


The Dunning Kruger map shown here is illustrative of my journey with Innovation Consulting. When I started this journey after my stint at Valcon and McKinsey, I was confidence personified. 4 years on since, I am more humble and today I have overcome the lowest point of confidence; It's starting to make sense.

I am not the most knowledgeable person in the field of Innovation Management. My own guru, Magnus Penker is streets ahead in this journey, and yet he will agree with me, we have plenty to discover.

This consulting effort of mine in which I network with Magnus and many other experienced professionals is not a conventional consulting firm.


We bring the wisdom of experienced consultants; we don't know everything, but enough to make sense and help others make sense. If you have access to people who know everything, you will obviously not need me or my friends.

We believe in co-creation. We will work along with you, shoulder to shoulder and ensure that your best interest is delivered.

We exist to help Indian organizations become innovative.

We believe that not only do you need to deliver innovations, but you also need to build a sustainable innovation capability that involves both your employees and eco system.

Source: Dunning Kruger

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A professional with 28 years of experience in operations, product development, innovation and strategy.

I have spent nearly two decades helping organizations across every sector improve quality, cost, delivery and productivity, as well as plot and execute growth strategies.

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