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The Solution to Sustainability and Growth Challenges


..occurs through ”Eureka moments.” cutting-edge technology. expensive.

REALITY 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. 

..means refining your business model.

.. is the cheapest link in the chain.

Innovation can be of ten different types

In today’s disruptive and hyper-competitive era, organisations need to build the mindset and skillset to ‘innovate’ and ‘innovate exponentially’. . .

... But not everyone has the capabilities

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How Can we Help You

The questions we help you find answers to can be classified into three areas

Mobilize to Innovate

Why do we need innovation? 

What threat do we foresee? 

What opportunities are we missing?

Build Capabilities

Do we have the process, methods and tools? 

Do we have a management system? 

Do we have an innovation Culture?

Deliver Innovation

Do we have a portfolio of projects? 

How do we deliver them effectively? 

How do we deliver repeatedly?

Krishnan Naganathan an Innovation Expert and Speaker

About US

Make India and its Enterprises Global Innovation Leaders

Think Horizon Consulting was founded by Krishnan Naganathan, a professional with 29 years of multi-industry experience including 19 years in consulting.

After a successful corporate consulting career that started at ECS Limited and ended at McKinsey, during which he was CEO of Valcon India, a Danish Consulting company, Krishnan chose to focus on helping companies drive growth and sustainability through innovation.

Our Team

We are a network of experienced professionals from across the world

Innovation360 Group - We  work very closely with them and leverage their world-class methods, tools and consultants

EGS Network - We are part of an India wide network of consulting professionals. Most of them have been colleague of Krishnan at some point

Eoin Flavin - Founder of Stepstone Consulting based in Ireland works closely with us on projects

Anirban Ganguly - Founder of Koios Consult based in Malaysia works closely with us on projects

Drive Growth and Sustainability
Using Innovation

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