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It's not the output of a few bright minds  (maybe it will happen once with some luck).

We help organizations overcome the challenge of serendipity associated with innovation and build systematic capabilities to innovate using globally proven innovation framework, AI-based analytics, and robust implementation framework

Our approach to innovation  is based on three principles


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Market creators think very differently from those who are focussed on competing in their existing markets.

They challenge the factors that are the basis of the existing benchmarks and offerings of the industry.

Their perspective goes beyond the environment and current conditions of their industry.

This enables them to see opportunities that are way beyond existing value - cost curve


Electrican's Tools

Market creating tools with proper guidance enables organisations to build competencies and to execute new value - cost frontiers. They answer key questions of how to challenge assumptions of the industry. 

How do you identify non customers and new demand?

How can you create offerings that stand apart and make competition irrelevant?

How can you increase value while also reducing cost?


Culture Ethnicity Diversity Nation Peopl

Strategy developed by an external consultant or just the CEO, never has organisation wide acceptance.

How can you capture people’s hearts and minds and align them to the new strategy?

This not done by demanding change but by engaging, first hand discovery and fair process in the journey.

We help the organization develop strategy through a facilitation process.

Meet The Founder

Krishnan Naganathan

Innovation Consultant 
IMBB Innovation Management Black Belt™️
Professional Speaker

Krishnan has over 25 years of varied industry experience spanning steel, automotive, FMCG and business consulting. His functional expertise includes innovation management, operations excellence, supply chain, strategy development and execution as well as product development. These skills have been honed during a career spent at organizations such as Ford, Castrol/BP, Ashok Leyland, and Jindal and in consulting organizations such as Valcon (a leading consulting firm in Scandinavia), McKinsey and ECS Ltd (Now part of PwC)


As a highly skilled innovation and operations professional, he creates value for his clients by designing, handholding implementation and leading change management in transformation programs

  • Developing growth and business strategy based on innovation

  • Design and deliver operations excellence programs focused on quality, delivery performance, and cost

  • Establishing a robust breakthrough thinking environment and process

  • Help organizations with operational and technical due diligence as part of the merger and acquisition process

He brings a rich cross-functional experience from across industry and global best practices to his consulting engagement. His expertise at change management leaves a lasting impact on organizations he has consulted.


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