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Build capabilities

Innovation is not the result of some Eureka moment, it requires systematic and organized effort.


This requires an organization to build culture, processes, methods and tools, in addition to developing skills and competencies. 

The combination of competencies, culture and processes builds innovation capabilities within the organization.

Assess Capabilities

Progress is made when you know what is the gap between your current reality and goals.

InnoSurvey® is the industry leading innovation capability assessment toolkit. Used by over 5000 organizations world over, it is devised to aid your organizational innovation growth and evaluates how it stacks up against the criterion set for critical dimensions.

The assessment includes a 16-lens radar graph indicating your strengths in the value proposition, customer experience, learning, branding, and more as well as a Quantitative analysis of where you stand with 66 innovation capabilities

Innovation Management system

An Innovation Management System (IMS) is an organizational system that helps it achieve its business objectives by implementing appropriate structures, governance and process to deliver consistent innovation management practices. 

We help establish a governance model, the operating system and metrics to measure the effectiveness of innovation efforts.

Our expert advisors bring decades of experience delivering innovation and implementing management systems.

We will also help you assess if the innovation management systems is up there with the recommendations of the ISO 56002 standard. 

After all, a few of our partners were behind its creation!

Quick Actions

Innovation Toolkit & Playbook

Our analysis of thousands of organizations shows us one clear picture, radical innovation is not an accident or the result of some Eureka moment!

Organizations that succeed with radical innovation are highly systematic and process-oriented. 

Organizations will gain immensely by building a playbook of processes, methods and toolkits.


One of the easy ways to develop the innovation capabilities of the organization is by organizing masterclasses that are a combination of activities and learning.

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