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Fix the Planet

An initiative by Innovation360. Image reproduced from website

Innovation360 has launched Fix the Planet, a global crowdsourcing campaign. Innovation360 licensed practitioner community, as well as leaders at non-profits, academics, investors, entrepreneurs, and concerned citizens, are being invited to share their ideas for solving some of the world’s toughest challenges related to climate change and biodiversity.

From April 22 to June 3, the initiative will collect ideas from around the world and Innovation360 are hosting the ideation on Fix the Planet, an interactive website interfaced with the ideation360 platform to allow a unique open ideation experience.

Visit Fix the Planet ( now to read ideas, comment on them, or submit your own. We welcome all ideas, big and small! Great things often grow from the smallest of seeds.

To structure the campaign, 4 of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals have been chosen.

#12 Production and Consumption ♻

#13 Energy and Emissions ☀

#14 Ocean and Marine Life 🐋

#15 Land and Species 🦚

We will work with community organizations, schools and leaders to hold ideation Workshops designed to break through common blockers and generate innovative thinking. Please reach out if you’d like some materials to hold your own Ideation Workshop.

Fix the Planet is built on the ideation360 platform, developed by Innovation360. Throughout the event, a team of experienced licensed practitioners will cluster ideas, combine them in original ways, and use AI to find synergies between ideas.

The team will cluster ideas in a variety of ways. In fact, every idea can belong to more than one cluster. As the team develops hypotheses and potential experiments, they will bring in experts to offer their input. We may even create new campaigns to further develop ideas that emerge.

At the end of the campaign, the team will compile their analysis and present their findings at a press conference. From there, we will discuss next steps in bringing the best ideas to life.

Please share the Fix the Planet site with your friends, family and wider network. Explore the ideas already on the site and add your ideas on how to make the planet a better place to live.


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