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Building faith in consultants

Edwin Stoop (User:Marillion!!62) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (]

We have observed that categories of “non customers” exist for consulting companies as well. The first category are companies who have used a consultant in the past and will never use one again due to a bad experience. The second are companies which have needs but are vary of consultants; they have heard too many consultant jokes, have heard stories of bad experience or misunderstand the role consultants play (suited booted people with fancy degrees, charging fancy fees for advice that don’t work etc.). The third category are organizations that aren’t aware what consultants do and don’t know who or how to contact.

If you fall in category in 2 or 3 and are looking for the help of someone experienced, who can handhold you through the disruption process your industry is undergoing, reach out to us. We have developed a process that is designed to deliver a consulting experience that builds trust in consultant. We will not bore you with presentations. We will not load you with case studies and jargons. Talk to us and book a half day session either one on one or with your leadership team. We will leave you with concrete output from the exercise.

Remember, we only focus on how to handle the disruption we all face and how we can develop innovative solutions. In case you believe you are immune to disruption do watch my video on the subject.


We realise it’s pretty tough to convince the first set; those who have had a bad experience and subsequently have lost faith in the consulting process. They tend to hedge bad experience through terms which doesn’t generally work for consultants economically. Yes, bad apples are present, that doesn’t mean you should stop buying apples! All consultants aren't bad! Do talk to us you may change your opinion.

Krishnan Naganathan

Krishnan is a consultant with more than 25 years of experience. Helps organization on creating value through Innovation


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