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Innovation Diagnostic

What is stopping you from innovating?

Analysis of data from over 5000 organizations that have taken the InnoSurvey(R) reveal common 8 blockers to innovation

  1. The organisation either lacks a clear innovation strategy or it misses clear goals and direction leading to a lack of faith in innovation

  2. Large organizations tend to prioritize current business and current year over long-term thinking

  3. They fear failure and avoid dealing with uncertainty and risky projects (and innovations tend to be risky)

  4. Their investment calculations discriminate against innovation as ROI calculations are difficult due to uncertainty

  5. The process to deliver innovation isn’t well developed and lacks organisational competencies

  6. They are internally focused on ideation and have a poor process to select ideas and develop them

  7. The leadership style necessary to drive innovation is lacking

  8. Hierarchies and structures kill experimentation and learning essential for innovation

Which of these are bottlenecks in your organisation? A diagnostic study by our experts help reveal the truth challenges.

What's more our process of diagnostic ensures that key members of the organization develop a common innovation language.

The diagnostic process

The diagnostic process evaluates 3 aspects

  • How are the innovation goals and strategy developed and communicated within the organization? Do people have a clear understanding of strategic initiatives? Do they have right metrics to measure innovation performance?

  • How are the governance process and structures developed for innovation? Does it have the leadership attention? Is there an operating model evolved to resource, manage and commercialise innovation projects? Is there an effective portfolio management process?

  • Does the organization have innovation capabilities in terms of competencies, processes, methods, leadership style and culture? Is the organization aligned on the capabilities it requires?

We use a three pronged approach to determine this

  1. Appreciative enquiry: We engage the leadership and a cross section of the organization in an appreciative enquiry process based on 40 minute one to one interviews and/or focus group discussion. We seek data from the participants to validate their feedback.

  2. Innovation Masterclass: We offer two sessions of 2 to 3 hrs each as masterclass on innovation to develop a common understanding of innovation. The masterclass is customised post the appreciative enquiry process to include company specific examples and cases. The two sessions are targeted separately at leadership and rest of the organization

  3. Assessment using InnoSurvey: At the end of the masterclass we ask participants to respond to the InnoSurvey, an innovation assessment that has been undertaken by over 5000 organizations across the world. This is a 15 to 20 minute exercise that enables the generation of an innovation capability report.

We submit a detailed diagnostic report that captures the organization alignment and buy in to the innovation ambition, maturity of the innovation process, alignment and strength of key capabilities, leadership skills for innovation and the overall cultural drivers.

Below is an illustration of some of sample diagnostic findings

The entire exercise is completed in 4 to 6 weeks of time.

If you find such an exercise of relevance to your organization, book a one hour free consultation with Krishnan using this link:

Krishnan Naganathan

Krishnan is a leading innovation consultant and focuses on helping people and organizations innovate and build capabilities for innovation. He brings over 25 years of experience in the industry and consulting. You can reach him by phone / WhatsApp: +919791033967 or email:


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