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Understanding Innovation Culture

One of the recent insights for me, from the work of Innovation360 group, was on the subject of innovation culture mapping. Innovation360 have developed a powerful InnoSurvey ® tool to analyse innovation capabilities of an organisation. The culture mapping is part of the capability assessment and maps the innovation culture.

The culture mapping tool is based on the model developed by Boris Groysberg, Jeremiah Lee, Jesse Price, and J. Yo-Jud Cheng (“The Leaders Guide to Corporate Culture” published in HBR January 2018). Boris et al, mapped cultures along 2 dimensions: how people interact and how they respond to change.

They identified 8 distinct cultural styles, Caring, Purpose, Learning, Enjoyment, Results, Authority, Safety and Order. The 8 cultural styles and a brief description of their characteristics are illustrated below

At innovation360, we have found a way of mapping leadership style and organisation persona information to be able to develop a culture map that aids innovation. We observe that leadership styles correlate well with an organisations leaning on stability or flexibility, while the personas are indicative of interdependence or independence.

It is interesting to note that when we map culture this way, we obtain a center of gravity for the culture, what is likely to be a dominant culture, while also getting a map of the ranges in organisation culture in a rectangle. The larger the rectangle, wider and diverse the culture of the organisation.

A sample of culture map of a caring organization. Red dot represents the centre of gravity

When super imposed on the horizon raster, we are able to see how strongly culture supports innovation in the 3 horizons

Same map on horizon raster. An organisation capable of H1 & H2 growth

If you would like to explore this topic further, reach out to (or call 9791033967). If you are in the USA, do reach out to Spencer Stuart, the pioneers in this space.

Krishnan Naganathan


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